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Hair Salon Magazine: January, February and March 2007

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Using the correct hair care will enhance your over-all results. These guidelines will help you in choosing the professional haircare that best suits your hair.
True-mint Lite ConditionerTrue-mint Lite Conditioner

Abba True-Mint Lite Conditioner - This daily lightweight conditioner and detangler with fresh mint essence adds body, smoothness and shine without weighing down the hair. Creates tremendous volume without tangles or static electricity.

May, 31 2005
Recoup Intensive TreatmentRecoup Intensive Treatment

Abba Recoup Intensive Treatment - The ultimate reconstructor. When your damaged hair is thrashed, this unique protein and botanical restorative is a powerful re-builder. Recoup`s tri-molecular formula corrects at all levels from the inside out. It`s a must for chemically treated hair. Adds incredible strength for smooth, shinny and feather light hair. A delightful aromatherapy essence calms your senses.

May, 31 2005
Nourishing ConditionerNourishing Conditioner

Abba Nourishing Conditioner - Leave in a daily dose of Nourishing to help your hair snap back to life as natural botanical conditioners, rich with emollients, moisturize and condition. Your hair will have a fresh outlook - shiny with new manageability. Especially good for adding vitality and control to coarse, curly and frizzy hair.

May, 31 2005
Moisture Scentsation ConditionerMoisture Scentsation Conditioner

Abba Moisture Scentsation Conditioner- The two-minute cure. Your dry, parched, limp hair is only two minutes away from quenching moisture. This remoisturizer`s organic, aromatherapy creme formula is essential for permed, colored, or bleached hair. Leaves your hair detangled and feather light with lasting body, remarkable volume and a minty fresh aroma. Stimulates scalp and senses with unforgettable eucalyptus, peppermint, and geranium extracts.

May, 31 2005
Thickening ConditionerThickening Conditioner

Abba Thickening Conditioner - Strengthens and fortifies for fuller thicker hair. Excellent protection from thermal styling. Reduces static electricity and detangles. Hydrolyzed human hair keratin, soy and wheat proteins add inner strength. Neutral henna, panthenol and oat proteins increase fullness.

May, 31 2005
Creme Moist ShampooCreme Moist Shampoo

Abba Creme Moist shampoo - Don`t trust your dry, fragile hair to ordinary shampoos. They can rob the last drop of moisture and remove color from chemically treated hair. Luxurious (5.0 pH) botanical-rich lather lets your hair hold on to moisture it needs, while it keeps your haircolor brighter, longer. It`s pure formula won`t over condition. Contains a delightful aromatherapy essence.

May, 31 2005

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