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Hair Salon Magazine: January, February and March 2007

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Education in hair and beauty. Entertain your knowledge with the latest learning of technical terms and touch-up on your education in the beauty and hair industry.
Dictionary - NDictionary - N

Neurodermatitis: chronic skin inflammation resulting in blisters and itching. A type of eczema. Neutralize: to achieve the status that a solution is neither alkaline nor acidic. Nitric acid: highly-oxidising colourless liquid which dissolves silver and the majority of nonprecious metals. Its compounds with other elements (salts) are called nitrates. Nitro dye: class of dyestuffs small enough to penetrate the hair and to at least colour the outer layers. However, the dyestuffs cannot be

June, 06 2005
Dictionary - MeDictionary - Me

Menopause: female transitional period into the infertility phase. Metabolism: the sum of all chemical reactions of exogenous substances taking place in a living organism. Methyl red: synthetic (artificial) dyestuff. Microbial: generated or caused by micro-organisms. Microbe metabolism: metabolism of microorganism. Microfibrils: components of the fibre layer of the hair. Microflora of the skin: general term for the natural microorganisms of the skin, has a protective function.

June, 06 2005
Dictionary - MDictionary - M

Macrofibrils: cable-like bundle of microfibrils and matrix proteins. Male hair loss: see androgenetic hair loss. Male sex hormone: see androgens. Matrix cell/trichocyte: mother or stem cell, total cells on the lowest part of the hair root in which cell division occurs. Matrix protein: high-sulphur, non-crystalline component of the cortex cells that surrounds the microfibrils like an embedding mass (see also keratin-associated proteins). Medulla: the marrow of the hair. Medullar

June, 06 2005
Dictionary - LDictionary - L

Lactic acid: a natural acid which is created, for example, during the production of yoghurt. Lamella:small, thin plate. Lipid: collective term for all fats and fat-like substances in organic chemistry.

June, 06 2005
Dictionary - KDictionary - K

Keratin: water-insoluble, elastic scleroprotein from which skin, nails and hair are formed. Keratin affinity: having a particular tendency to undergo bonding with keratin. Keratin-associated protein: unordered hair protein which forms the material between the microfibrils. Keratin fibrils: see fibrils. Keratin hardening: hardening of the keratin after a chemical treatment. Keratinisation: maturing process involving many stages; transforms the trichocytes into mature, hard hair sha

June, 06 2005
Dictionary - IDictionary - I

Immune system: the body’s defence system. The complex system in the body responsible for fighting disease. Its primary function is to identify foreign substances in the body (bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites) and develop a defense against them. This defense is known as the immune response. It involves production of protein molecules called antibodies to eliminate foreign organisms that invade the body. Indicator: substance which indicates a certain chemical reaction by changing colour.

June, 06 2005

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