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Hair Salon Magazine: January, February and March 2007

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Education in hair and beauty. Entertain your knowledge with the latest learning of technical terms and touch-up on your education in the beauty and hair industry.
Dictionary - HoDictionary - Ho

Horny layer (stratum corneum): the outermost layer of cells consisting of 10-20 cell layers. Its perfect functionality is of great importance to the health of the skin. Horny layer barrier: situated between the stratum granulosum and the horny layer, its important protective function involves warding off foreign substances (chemicals, bacteria, fungi, viruses). Horny lipids: holds the horny cells together; horny lipids are broken down slowly in the top layers. Hydrochloric acid: a stron

June, 01 2005
Dictionary - HaDictionary - Ha

Hair papilla: conical formation of cells from the corium at the base of the hair follicle with blood vessels, nourishes the hair bulb. Hair root: partly unkeratinised section of the hair located inside the follicle. Hair shaft: mature, keratinised fibre consisting of spindle cells. Hair thickness: see hair diameter. Hardening: see keratinisation. Holocrine: secretion process; describes the condition in which the cells of the sweat glands are transformed into sebum and are then bro

June, 01 2005
Dictionary - HDictionary - H

Hair arrector muscle (Arrector pili): adnexa of hair in the corium. Hair bulb: section of the hair situated deep within the skin tissue, source of the hair shaft; consists of the hair papilla and the future spindle cells. Hair density: the number of terminal hairs per cm2 on an adult scalp; the hair density on other body parts is found to be of less importance. It has not been verified that the hair density corresponds precisely with the follicle density. Hair diameter: diameter of the

June, 01 2005
Dictionary - GDictionary - G

enetically determined: hereditary, hormone-dependent. Germinal layer (stratum germinativum): this is where cell division takes place, the cells formed are called keratinocytes. Gestagenic hormone: female hormone that aids the development and retention of a pregnancy. Gestagenic hormone level: the amount of gestagenic hormone in the blood. lobular: spherical. lyceride: ester of glycerin (3-valent colourless alcohol). rowth cycle: see hair cycle. owth cycle of the hair: hair g

June, 01 2005
Dictionary - FDictionary - F

Fatty acids: have the character of a vitamin, cannot be produced by the body itself, must be supplied via food intake. Fibre stem: the part of the hair shaft consisting of the cortex and medulla cells. Fibrils: fibres in the hair containing keratin, responsible for the strength of the hair. Follicle: invaginations of the epidermis. Follicle density: number of hair organs or hair follicles. Follicle matrix: the lower area of the hair bulb surrounding the papilla. Follicle trans

June, 01 2005
Dictionary - EnDictionary - En

Energy reservoir: reserve stocks of energy. Enzymes: protein found in animal and plant cells which plays an important part in the metabolism of the organism. Epidermis: top layer of skin. Epicutaneous supply: active substances integrated into a suitable carrier (e.g. lotion) that are administered or supplied to the body via external routes. Epidermis: tissue which constantly regenerates itself and consists of several layers of cells. Plays an important protective role against physica

June, 01 2005

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