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Hair Salon Magazine: January, February and March 2007

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Education in hair and beauty. Entertain your knowledge with the latest learning of technical terms and touch-up on your education in the beauty and hair industry.
Dictionary - EDictionary - E

Eccrine sweat glands: the thermal regulators of the skin, which contribute to the effective formation of the protective acid mantle. Eczema: non-infectious inflammation of the epidermis. Effluvium: a general term for hair loss. Elastin: component of the connective tissue of the skin, forms elastic connections between collagen fibres and is thus important for the elasticity of the skin. Electron: negatively-charged particle. Electron microscope: microscope that works with electrons

June, 01 2005
Dictionary - DDictionary - D

Dermatologist: a specialist in dermatology. Dermis: the corium. Diffuse: to spread out. Diffused: widely spread out; without precise barriers. Dihydrotestosterone: derivative of testosterone, the main cause of hair loss in males (androgenetic hair loss). Direct-acting dyestuffs: type of dyestuff molecules which are deposited on the surface of the hair. Disulphide bridges (cystine bonds): transverse links between the peptide chains of the hair. Dyestuff precursors: molecules

June, 01 2005
Dictionary - CoDictionary - Co

Corium: dense connective tissue containing blood vessels and nerve fibres as well as skin - appendages. Cortex: fibre layer or fibre stem of the hair. Cortex cell: spindle-shaped cells of the fibre stem. Crystalline structure: describes highly-ordered structures; the term originates from crystals, the best known example of highly-ordered structures. Cuticle: cuticle layer of the hair consisting of 6-10 layers of cuticle cells, connected by a putty substance. Cuticle cell: building

June, 01 2005
Dictionary - CeDictionary - Ce

Ceramides: group of natural lipids found in the skin and hair (cell membrane complex). Particularly important in the skin for cell adhesion and water retention. Cerebroside: a lipoid derived from ceramides. Compound of sugar and ceramides. Cholesterol: the most important sterol in all animal tissue. Club hair: description of a hair in the resting phase of the hair follicle and which has therefore ceased to grow. Cohesion: molecular attraction within the body. Collagen: fibrous pro

June, 01 2005
Dictionary - CDictionary - C

Capillary: very narrow blood vessels; general: small tube with hair-fine interior diameter. Capillary system: system of interconnected capillaries. Carbon dioxide: colourless and odourless gas easily dissolved in water, created by the breathing process of living organisms and the burning of substances containing carbon. Carbonic acid: used frequently as a synonym for carbon dioxide, but is actually a chemical compound formed by carbon dioxide and water. Catagen: transitional phase in

June, 01 2005
Dictionary - BDictionary - B

Bacteria: the smallest form of life, unicellular, often the cause of disease. Basal membrane: thin, fine membrane with a barrier function, e.g. between dermis and epidermis, hair follicle and outer root sheath, papilla and follicle matrix. Basal cell layer (stratum basale): anchored cell layer out of which new hair cells are formed via cell division or mitosis during the Basic: solution with alkaline reaction. Biochemical: of or relating to biochemistry (chemical science in the fie

June, 01 2005

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