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Education in hair and beauty. Entertain your knowledge with the latest learning of technical terms and touch-up on your education in the beauty and hair industry.
Soap - SaponificationSoap - Saponification

Soap is made from a fatty acid that is reacted with an alkali. The acid end of the fatty acid reacts with the alkali to form a salt that is water-soluble. The other end is the fatty end, which repels water, and is attracted to fats and oils. The process of making soap is called saponification. One kind of soap is sodium stearate. Beef fat reacting to alkaline wood ashes created the earliest soap, and it was the cleaning product of choice for millenia. Sodium stearate: Sodium stearate is one o

August, 31 2005

Detergents and soaps are surfactants, short for surface-active agent. Surfactants have a hydrophilic side of the molecule attaches to water, and a hydrophobic side of the molecule that avoids water. In the absence of oils, the hydrophobic side sticks out of the surface of the water drop. There is no longer any water at the surface to form a strong surface tension, so the water no longer beads up, but spreads. The hydrophobic end of the molecule is also free to attach to grease, fat, or oil

August, 31 2005

Detergents have molecules with one side that prefers water (hydrophilic), and another side that prefers oils and fats (hydrophobic). The hydrophilic side attaches to water molecules, and the hydrophobic side attaches to oil molecules. This action allows the oil droplets to break up into smaller droplets, surrounded by water. These smaller droplets are no longer stuck to the material to be cleaned, and are washed away. Types of detergents: German scientists created the first detergents during

August, 31 2005
Ammonium Lauryl SulfateAmmonium Lauryl Sulfate

Synonyms: Dodecyl ammonium sulfate Description: Light yellow, viscous liquid Uses: Ammonium lauryl sulfate is an anionic surfactant. This means it lowers the surface tension of water, making the water spread more easily. Surfactants are also called wetting agents, and are said (somewhat paradoxically) to make water "wetter". Ammonium lauryl sulfate is added to products as a foaming agent, and as a detergent. Notice in the structural formula that one end of the molecule

August, 31 2005
Dictionary - TDictionary - T

Telogen: the resting phase of the hair cycle, development of the club hair. Telogen hair: hair in the resting phase (telogen phase). Telogen follicle: hair follicle in the resting phase. Telogenic hair loss: natural hair renewal. Tenside: agents for cleansing skin and hair, serve as wetting agents, emulsifiers and foaming agents, reduce the surface tension of water. Terminal hair: the coarsest type of hair, e.g. on the head and facial areas. Terminal hair follicle: hair organ c

June, 06 2005
Dictionary - SpDictionary - Sp

Spindle cells: common term for the cortex cells in the fibre stem that take on a spindle shape during growth. Spreading: the wide distribution of sebum. Stabilisation effect: the creation of a strong, permanent condition. Sterol: hydrocarbon compound found in all animal and plant cells. Sub cutis: fatty tissue under the skin. Subjective: based on personal taste or opinions, unobjective, biased. Sulphur bridge: see disulphide bridge. Sulphuric acid: a very strong acid consist

June, 06 2005

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