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Tocco MagicoTocco Magico
June, 10 2005

Tocco Magico S.p.A. was founded by Amulio Sarra, a famous Italian hairstylist of the 1930ís and 1940ís. For over 60 years, the company has been owned and managed by the Sarra familyThe Tocco Magico story began in Rome during the 1920`s when Amulio Sarra, who started his career as a simple employee, became a hairdresser out of passion for trichology. After traveling to Paris and Marseilles to learn the most modern techniques in hairdressing and the newest trends amongst French women, he decided to open a salon of his own in the heart of Italy`s capital. However, he was not able to import the oxidized colors that he was familiar with and had used during his time in Paris. As a result, he analyzed some samples that were delivered from France and began reproducing these products with the collaboration of a chemist. The finished product was a palette of oxidized colors that he began using in his salons and continues to use to this day.

Around 1930, Amulio`s continued spirit of innovation and tenacity spawned a creative invention that has become an indispensable tool to hair-stylists around the world; the curling iron. Amulio`s second creation was a unique "penna", a hair-coloring pen that replaced the standard small tip with a larger brush, and included a liquid ink receptacle at the base of the pen. This instrument was used to make small color changes to white hair and made fast and effective results with a "Tocco Magico" (magic touch).

Each invention brought Amulio both national and international recognition, acting as catalysts and motivating him to establish "TOCCOMAGICO S.P.A" in 1938.

With the collaboration of his children Vincenzo and Alvaro, faithful interpreters and executers of his ideas, the company saw unprecedented growth during this time. Amulio`s small artisan laboratory grew into a large complex that at its height occupied 200 laboratories. The automation of production and packaging departments expanded to 70% of the entire production. These immense capabilities, as demonstrated by Tocco Magico, were recognized by the prestigious European "Mercurio d`Oro" award.

1988: "TOCCOMAGICO" celebrated its fiftieth anniversary of professional success with an elegant gala dinner in the Medieval Castle at Lake Bracciano.

The company`s legal headquarters are located at Monti Tuburtini 770 in Rome. Tocco Magico is currently run by Amulio Sarra`s descendants who continue to introduce avante garde and high quality cosmetic products to both Italian and foreign markets with great passion. The standards that have contributed most to Tocco Magico`s success are the careful selection of materials, the application of modern production techniques and rigid quality control. These ideals have contributed to a finished product that lives up to its clients` demanding expectations.

Tocco Magico`s entire line of products is prepared and packaged in an environment that has passed rigorous microbiological inspections. In addition, they have been developed and analyzed in chemical laboratories under the scrupulous review of qualified technical staff. Following comprehensive inspections, the products are mobilized within the marketplace through a sales network of over 130 collaborators nationwide and various international distributors.

Over the past ten years, the company has made tremendous strides in the international marketplace and has expanded its presence to France, Belgium, Holland, Finland, Gibraltar, South Africa, Korea and Australia. In addition, the market for Tocco Magico products in the United States has grown at an exponential rate over the last ten years, warranting the presence of an office in New York.

Our stylists have contributed valuable expertise to Tocco Magico`s training and technical programs by developing seminars and training courses infused with practical demonstrations and direct consultancy. Organization, success in the marketplace and constant growth has positioned Tocco Magico among the leaders of Italian hair color worldwide.
Credit : hair colorists, hair color, stylists


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