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Hair Salon Magazine: January, February and March 2007

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Hair colorist need to be educated and understand the structure of hair, science and the chemistry of natural hair color.
Crescendo - Rich Shimmering Gel ColorantCrescendo - Rich Shimmering Gel Colorant

L’Oréal Professionnel is the No. 1 professional color brand worldwide and is the partner to success for over 1 million colorists across 130 countries. Discover why the world`s leading colorists choose L’Oréal Professionnel. Technology & Benefits Lightens up to 2 – 3 levels Rich permanent gel formula ideal for fine hair Softer line of demarcation on clients with a high percentage of non-pigmented hair Beautiful dimensional colors and translucent blondes Excellent coverage of non-

April, 09 2005
Composite Hair ColorsComposite Hair Colors

L’Oréal Professionnel offers you the innovation, trends and techniques you need to achieve beautiful color every time. For innovative, profitable color services, superior conditioning, shine, coverage, and unique business-building opportunities. 100% pure tone color in 20 minutes Technology & Benefits: Fast, 20-minute permanent color - allows you to service more clients in a day Innovative coloring technology that works in synergy with the hair`s natural pigments for personalized res

April, 09 2005
Permanent Haircolor - Majirel By L`orealPermanent Haircolor - Majirel By L`oreal

For natural to vibrant permanent color results, master the art of creating beautiful haircolor. With 100 shades, the Majirel family brands give you infinite color possibilities to fulfill your color creativity. Technology & Benefits Lightens up to 2 - 3 levels Unique moisture-rich permanent haircolor formula conditions as it colors High Resistance Color System with multi-dimensional color molecules to help resist fading Uniform color results because of the combined action of our uni

April, 09 2005
Quick Professional Hair Color TipsQuick Professional Hair Color Tips

If you color is to dark, wash it immediately with a detergent soap such as Prell or dish washing liquid. Do not try to recolor hair. The new color will strike the porous areas of the hair resulting in two tone with darker shades in some areas. PRE COLOR: Let your hair get a little dirty before your hair color application. The natural oils on your hair will protect the scalp from potentially harsh irritating chemicals. INDEX CARD: With the right formulation a targeted desired hair color

February, 16 2005
Hair Color Precautions And WarningsHair Color Precautions And Warnings

HENNA HAIR COLOR: can give unpredictable results. Should not be used with other hair colors, the organic minerals in henna can react in adverse negative reaction. VEGETABLE COLORS: Made from natural extracts, vegetable colors actually stain the hair when applied as shampoo. If your hair or ends are damaged, this type of coloring is not recommended. COLOR PRECAUTIONS: Experts warn about the safety of using permanent and semi- permanent colors on pregnant women. Avoid a process which allows

February, 16 2005
Vegetable Hair ColorVegetable Hair Color

Made from natural extracts, vegetable hair colors in reality stain the hair when applied as shampoo or conditioner and will last up to five or six washes. Vegetable colors will not cover gray hair. If your hair is bleached, highlighted or colored, the results can be disastrous. If your hair ends are damaged or porous, vegetable hair color is not recommended.

February, 10 2005

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