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Hair Salon Magazine: January, February and March 2007

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Shape the hair into the desired configuration, usually with curlers; the size of the curler will determine the tightness of the resulting curl. Reform the disulfide bonds in new positions, using an oxidizing agent.
Prior To Perming - Client ConsultationPrior To Perming - Client Consultation

A professional diagnosis of the structure of the hair and scalp as well as an appropriate dialogue with the customer are decisive to successfully carrying out a perm treatment. This diagnosis takes the following criteria into account: _ Customer wishes _ Desired hairstyle _ Quality and structure of the hair (especially fine hair) _ Diagnosis of the scalp _ Targeted curl result _ Size of curlers _ Winding technique _ Selection of the perm treatment to suit the individual type of

May, 26 2005
The Hardening Of Keratin As A Perm After TreatmentThe Hardening Of Keratin As A Perm After Treatment

Hair keratin that has gone through the complicated chemical treatment of a perm must be returned to its original condition to as great an extent as possible. Despite careful work and product use, a series of negative effects can appear. The causes of these accompanying effects are chemical reactions which are very difficult to control. The hair generally regenerates itself, but this procedure takes many hours, during which time the hair is very sensitive to external influences. D

May, 26 2005
What Are The Risks Of A PermWhat Are The Risks Of A Perm

Perm products effect an opening of the sulphuric (disulphide) bridges in the hair keratin. The hair is softened and can thus be shaped on the perm curler. After completion of the development time, it is stabilized in its new shape by a rebuilding (neutralization) of the previously-dissolved disulphide bridges. As a rule, an oxidation agent, usually hydrogen peroxide, is used for this purpose. Unsatisfactory results due to residues Residues of reduction and/or oxidation agents ofte

May, 26 2005
How Does A Perm WorkHow Does A Perm Work

In order to reshape the hair on a permanent basis, the sulphur bridges of keratin must first be opened in order to rebuild them later in a new shape. Dissolution of the keratin proteins The keratin proteins of the hair consist of large molecules which are arranged in two different ways: _ In an unordered (amorphous) arrangement _ In an ordered, helical n(alpha)-helix shape. The keratin proteins consist of many amino acids that are linked together in the form of a chain. One of th

May, 26 2005
Hair And The Ph-valueHair And The Ph-value

In order to be able to understand the role the pH-value plays in the application of care products, it is important to take a closer look at the hair and its reaction to various treatments. Hair keratins contain acidic and alkaline groups that interact to form salt bridges. The acid groups are negatively charged, the alkali groups positively. If negative and positive groups remain in their original number after the treatment of the hair, this represents an optimum stabilisation effect

May, 26 2005
What Is The Ph-valueWhat Is The Ph-value

The pH-value is a measurement of the acidic or alkaline properties of an aqueous solution. A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The water molecules break down into electrically- charged elements (ions), i.e. the negatively- charged OH- and the positivelycharged H3O+ ions. If the sum of the negatively and positivelycharged particles is equal, water is described as neutral (pH 7). If the number of H3O+ ions is predominant in an aqueous solution, we speak

May, 26 2005

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