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Hair Salon Magazine: January, February and March 2007

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An individual thing or element of a class; a particular object or item: an article of hair care, hair color article; articles of salon products; salon education.
Hair Loss 102Hair Loss 102

Hair is composed of keratin, the same protein that makes up nails and the outer layer of our skin. The part seen rising out of the skin is called hair shaft or strand. Each strand consist of three layers. The outermost protective layer (cuticle) is thin and colorless. The middle layer, or cortex , is the thicknest. It provides strength, determines your hair color and whether your hair is straight or curly. Hair color is determined by melanin from your pigment cells. The more pigment granules

January, 12 2005
Hair Plays A Significant Role In Our LifeHair Plays A Significant Role In Our Life

Hair plays a significant role in our life. Another person`s hair is one of the first characteristics we notice upon meeting. Our own hair is one of the first and last things we attend to before a meeting or a social engagement. Hair disorder, especially when severe, often profoundly affects the lives of those afflicted. Severe hair loss evokes not only cosmetic concerns but may also evoke feelings of vulnerability (nakedness), loss of self-esteem, alterations in self-image, and, perhaps, even se

January, 12 2005
It Is Suggested That Hair Be Trimmed Every Six WeeksIt Is Suggested That Hair Be Trimmed Every Six Weeks

It is suggested that hair be trimmed every six weeks. This helps to maintain condition, but will not increase hair growth. Investing in a good haircut has a great payoff it will continue to look good even as it grows. Discuss options with your hairdresser before deciding on a cut or restyle. Applying various hair care products to split ends, will only repair few strands. If you really want to solve the problem, the only solution is to have the hair cut. Taking a multi-vitamin can help to con

January, 12 2005
Taking Good Care Of Your Scalp Is The KeyTaking Good Care Of Your Scalp Is The Key

SCALP: When the hair is wet, massage warm olive oil into the scalp if it feels dry or tight. Try equal amounts of witch hazel and mineral water if the scalp has a tendency to become oily. If the scalp is normal, use equal amounts of rose water and mineral water. Using the fingertips, gently rotate around the hairline, moving to the sides, working your way to the nape of the neck. This will increase the blood supply, nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. It also helps reduce scalp tension,

January, 12 2005
Hairstyling EssentialHairstyling Essential

GEL is available in various consistencies, ranging from light-weight sprays to thick jellies. Use on wet hair to protect before blow-drying and add volume. Use on dry hair to slick hair back or add texture to shorter styles. If the gel becomes brittle when it drys, mix it with a small amount of serum before applying. SETTING LOTION or styling sprays contain flexible resins that create a film which is helpful when styling and prevents heat damage. Choose a formula that is designed specificall

January, 09 2005
Dandruff - Helpful Treating The ConditionDandruff - Helpful Treating The Condition

Appears as greasy patches on the scalp with eventually scab and cause irritation. It can sometimes be caused by food allergies, stress, excessive dairy product intake and junk foods.. The hair should be washed daily with a shampoo designed specifically for the condition or blend 10 drops of thyme essential oil with 100ml of apple juice and message into the scalp.. Leave in for 5 minutes, then wash with a mild shampoo. Daily primrose capsules can also be helpful in treating the condition.

January, 09 2005

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