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Hair Salon Magazine: January, February and March 2007

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An individual thing or element of a class; a particular object or item: an article of hair care, hair color article; articles of salon products; salon education.
The Texture Of The HairThe Texture Of The Hair

The texture or coarseness, the diameter of the hair, is directly dependent on the diameter of the follicle. Fine hair grows out of small hair follicles, coarse hair from larger. During the course of a life cycle the hair follicle can alter its diameter and thus the coarseness of the hair growing out of it. The finest form of hair is vellus hair. It covers most of an infant’s body. The coarsest form is terminal hair, the hair on the scalp, sex-specific areas of hair as well as eyebrows

May, 01 2005
The Quality Of The Hair.The Quality Of The Hair.

All properties that give the hair natural shine, manageability and resistance contribute to the quality of the hair and enable the hairdresser to give it the desired style and colour. The most important criteria for the shape of the hair – for instance straight or curly – are the cross-section surface of the hair and the structure of its surface (smooth, rough).

May, 01 2005
The Length Of The HairThe Length Of The Hair

The maximum achievable length of a hair depends directly on the length of the growth phase (anagen). All body hair grows at a rate of about 0.33 mm per day. However, whereas for instance eyebrows end the anagen phase after one month, i.e. hardly become longer than 1 cm, the hair on the scalp continues to grow over a period of years (for hip-length hair about 6 years).

May, 01 2005
What Determines The Texture Of HairWhat Determines The Texture Of Hair

Texture, length and quality of hair depend on the location (on the body or the scalp) as well as the sex, hereditary disposition and age of the person. The texture of different types of hair is directly dependent on the diameter and volume of the corresponding hair follicle. The length of the hair is dependent on the duration of the growth phase (e.g. several years for scalp hair, approx. one month for eyebrows).The quality of hair is affected by the factors which provide it with sta

May, 01 2005
How Does Hair GrowHow Does Hair Grow

The growth cycle of hair: 1.Growth phase (anagen): approx. 80 % of scalp hair is in the anagen phase. 2. Transitional phase (catagen): approx. 1 % of scalp hair is in the catagen phase. The catagen phase lasts 2-3 weeks. 3. Resting phase (telogen): approx. 19% of scalp hair is in the telogen phase. The growth phase (anagen): During this phase the hair grows continuously. Scalp hair can, for example, grow continuously for a period of 6 years at a rate of about 1 cm per month. As a rule,

May, 01 2005
What Is The Structure Of HairWhat Is The Structure Of Hair

Hair consists of the hair shaft, the papilla, the matrix trichocytes and the daughter cells of the latter, the trichocytes. During the course of multiple processes the trichocytes are transformed into long spindle cells, the keratinised components of the hair shaft. The melanocytes can be found on the dome of the hair papilla. These produce the melanin, transmit it to the trichocytes and coat the hair fibre with its natural colour. A fine network of blood vessels surrounds a hair

May, 01 2005

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