Itely Hair Fashion
April, 17 2005

IT&LY HAIRFASHION is one of the most established and respected manufacturers of exclusive, superior quality professional hair color.

The company was established in 1987 by a renowned list of principals, comprised of the most successful and visionary chemists, artists and administrators of Italy’s elite hair color industry.

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, IT&LY HAIRFASHION is now recognized in more than 70 countries as a standard-bearer in the development and advancement of hair color science and art.

The company enjoys an outstanding presence not only in the celebrated fashion center of Italy but also among an enviable list of the worlds most elite hairdressers and clientele.

In an industry of extreme competition and pride, IT&LY HAIRFASHION distinguishes itself from its competition through its constant artistic refinement, technical superiority and its “Simple by Design” approach to hair color formulation and usage.

Recognizing that the promotion of hair color in the professional and consumer market is abound in abstract and often unfounded positioning of “Features and Benefits”,. IT&LY HAIRFASHION remains dedicated to developing “Perceivable” advancements in all aspects of hair color performance and practical application.

In the truest essence of Italian art the company insists that, “ Beauty must be seen and felt". Many companies promote benefits in verbiage that would suggest chemical superiority and the need for in-depth chemical understanding by the Colorist. To us, we insist that each Colorist must strive to be a Master of the Art to make each client a masterpiece.

To make this a reality, IT&LY HAIRFASHION develops all products with the belief that “Time is better spent mastering the art than the unnecessary complexities of a hair color system”