Goldwell History
April, 30 2005

The early years.: The company was established by a 27-year old business man by the name of Hans Erich Dotter. It all began with the production of a lotion which enabled people to give lasting shape to their hairstyle.

This initial product was given the name "GOLDWELL ideal". This simple trade name became the company name which in turn would develop into a well-known brand name in the international hairdressing trade.The objective of the company was to offer the hairdresser a quality product range for exclusive salon use. Success was first to be achieved by extremely high quality products and, secondly, by means of agents capable of mediating between supplier and hairdresser, working hard to establish and cultivate a trusting relationship.

Progress through vision: The company founder´s drive and vision contributed to the enormous progress of the company. The hairstyles of the 50s and 60s contributed greatly to a further expansion of GOLDWELL. Back-combed hairstyles à la Brigitte Bardot of Farah Diba were the height of fashion. Vast amounts of hairspray were needed to fix theses hairstyles.

Investments were made in the very latest apparatus and equipment in order to develop a hairspray based on the daily practive of hairdressing: the aerosol SPRÜHGOLD. By virtue of its outstanding quality, this brand name very quickly earned a leading position as a top quality hairspray. From this leading position, an extensive market for the sale of hairspray by hairdressers developed, since salon clients wanted to enjoy the quality of the "Hairspray in the pink can" at home too. At that time, Goldwell owned the largest and most up-to-date aerosol filling operation in Europe and became the largest supplier of hairspray to hairdressing establishments. (Report taken from the trade magazine "aerosol report", August 1989)
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