Compagnia Del Colore Hair Care And Hair Color Products
February, 16 2007

Italian Group is an Italian company that belongs to a private holding founded in 1913 and conformed by several professional hair care companies. Our group is recognized both in Italy and abroad as one of the best hair are and hair color manufacturers both for its production abilities and its scientific research.

We have gained this position because of our business awareness, our professionalism in the market, the incomparable expertise and professionalism of our collaborators and personnel, the use of the latest equipment and machinery found in the market, the top quality formulas, the patents on our products and the high quality ingredients we use when producing our products.

In 1999 we launched our own professional line of hair care products under the brand name Compagnia Del Colore; which is characterized by a powerful image. Compagnia del Colore products focus 100% on Hair Color and therefore are the preferred and the perfect product line for professional hair colorists around the world. We offer a high quality product, a very competitive price and an inviting and modern packaging which represent the fundamental instruments that allow us to support our international partners to achieve a sure business success.

We work on a total area of 12,000mē and we are equipped with hyper-automatic machinery. Our color line has an output of over 25,000,000 applications of color per year.

We are a private company where both the hairdresser and the final customers are considered the true economic treasure and where there is a continuous research for new ingredients and components in order to respect the hair and the scalp and to obtain the best covering cosmetic results such as brightness and perfect bleaching always in the respect towards the environment. So, being part of the Italian Group family means belonging to a winning team targeted to Customer Service and respect of nature.

We hope to welcome you to our team in the near future.

Yours faithfully,

Giannantonio Negretti
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